Knox & Co, an Elite: Dangerous Community

Located in New Yembo
Faction:  Knox & Co

Knox & Co, Established in early 3301 is an Independent Trading Corpoation that specializes in sourcing rare resources from our pristine metallic rings located in system and transport them over the galaxy with our ever expanding fleet of Imperial Cutters and Anacondas. Our headquarters named ‘Unity’ is an Orbis starport located 1,069 light seconds from the main star, stop by and show your support.

New Yembo is located 342.63 light years (Coordinates: -334.625 / -4.46875 / 73.5) from Earth and is a legendary site for mining with metallic rings and pristine reserves located throughout the system, also with some very lucrative long range trade missions, New Yembo is the place to be if you are looking for a place to call ‘home’ in Elite: Dangerous.

All requests for membership to our organization must be submitted via webmail.160x600

Please send…

  • your CMDR name
  • Email Address
  • Primary Ship
  • Primary Role
  • Current Amount of Credits


All items purchased through the below links directly supports us through the Frontier Affiliate Programme.

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