Welcome to the Elite Secret Service webpage, here you can find a brief overview of our community.  What we do, and how to join.  We have also taken the time to share a little lore, to give readers a feel for the type of community we are.

Historical Information160x600

For many centuries, there’s been a requirement for Intelligence agencies. Since the dawn of the space era there has been many of these type of top secret groups and since the release of Elite Dangerous we’ve been here in the Galaxy. We have no need for any fame. We have no obligations to any faction, but hold specific interest’s for specific factions. If you’ve met one of our Agents, think your selves lucky, our commanders are not normally seen but we’re always remembered for being somewhere, done something, killed someone. We mostly play in the Open, and if you meet one of us you have nothing to fear.
Our Intelligence agency enforces no demands on our commanders, we are a community that has no obligations, and has no wish to claim any successful events that happen in the galaxy, we’ve maintained total secrecy on our operations for many months building up a reputation, and have no wish to be in the spot light. We do hold specific areas of space and have held control of over 40 systems since February 3301, we’ve worked closely with many communities on joint operations, and have been proud to have flown with others for the greater good.

Elite Secret Service ingame lore

The members of the Secret Service, formed the Elite Chamber in early 3301 to provide the most influential, mysterious, unheard of members a place to make there own.  That Chamber forms the place those ranked members share information and decide the fate of those historical debates that no person ever hears of, merely knows of its impacts.  Those Lords of the Chamber are the most respected members among the ranks of the community, many of those lords have much wizdom to share.

Whilst E.S.S. can neither confirm nor deny many of it’s actions, they have been repeatedly linked and accused of Privateering behaviour. Whilst accused of being associated with open piracy, it is far more likely that these operations have been conducted under ‘license’ to a particular power or agent. Due to the legal grey area that these alleged opeartions are conducted, further details are redacted to non-memebers.

Community Activities

The most active of the Secret Service are BGS players, and of course our proud space truckers, we’ve had internal competitions for the Secret Billionaires Club.  Which of course we can neither confirm nor deny any members of such a club, nor any excistance of said Club…  Our members often create internal events, which range from Wing Command, to SRV Rally, to a Carnival Ride on a Cutter.   Over the years we’ve focused on many joint operations & events with several communities.  Including long term projects interacting with many of the powers, and causing all kinds of galactic mayhem.

Cooperative Operations

Our Community directive sets the stage for our members to neither confirm nor deny any of our operations, however we can share some amazing information if you continue to read on.  If our members we’re to organise any operations, the level of operations we might run would be to change factions of a permit system, otherwise known as Phekda.  If we could confirm that our members had accomplished such amazing outcomes, we would of course also inform anyone that others had attempted to flip the system several times before, and failed. However we would remind you that this was long before any community minor factions we’re added into the galaxy. We can neither confirm nor deny any operations in Phekda in 3301, and can neither confirm nor deny Maintaining 100lys of space from Khernidjal, prior to powerplays excistance.

Historicaly we can neither confirm nor deny where our members operate, hypatheticly speaking if our members we’re operating in an area, we could of been found in Khernidjal and for at least 100lys diameter.  Our operations at that time would range from assasinations mission to, collect this cargo for.  Which was about the best the BGS could offer.

The Elite Secret Service members have been around the galaxy for a long time, and we’re involved with most of the awesome events that shape the galaxy now.  Long before powerplay was implemented those members manipulated the background simulation.  Those lessons learnt from the early days have given our members the knowledge of the game, which was the main reasons for the conception of the Galactic Academy.  Our military members shaped the galactic academy to provide a pilots school similar to the military practice’s.  Many of the dedicated members of our group developed guides and documentation, coaching material for the new members joining the ranks.

Secrets of the Service

The majority of the community members have been frolicking around the galaxy since the launch of Elite:Dangerous, with a vast knowledge of the game to be aqumulated.  Several of these members have played the game for many  hours, and have grown competitive types of activites within the community.  Those competitive type members range from whom can fly the highest in SRVs, to the highest wealth.  Several of the members are wealthy enough to be assocaited with the Secret Billionaires Assocation, however we can neither confirm nor deny any sort of club, or assocation.

Many Pilots with reputable actions are usually hunted down by players, causing them to always move around the galaxy. Actions of each player often define communities, the members of the Secret Service can not confirm they have any reputation for there actions, however there has been a great deal of speculation relating to 99% of the galactics most wanted.

Intrested in joining Elite Secret Service?

We are always looking for new recruits to join the ranks of our Elite: Dangerous Community, you can submit an application here, also head on over to our Teamspeak and Discord to join in on the fun and you’ll never trade, explore, mine, or bounty hunt alone again!


FDev & ESS

Community Management is a new experience to the gaming industry, over the last decade we’ve seen many developers creating a team of representatives, spending time with Frontier has been an amazing experience for any community, they are always looking for ways to increase there accesability to communities, spoiling there fans with great opportunities.  Here at the Elite Secret Service, our members have found them selves interacting with frontier on several occasions, and enjoyed meeting many staff members at the Elite Meets.  We are greatful that Frontier take the time to create a one of a kind  Community Management team.

Zac Antonaci, has helped many communities and along the way created a wonderful experience for players to enjoy a rich interaction, while awesome content is being created for Communities, such as rare commodities, and or minor factions, naming of Planets and or Stations.  Frontiers Community Management team are setting the standards, for other developers to follow.


Partnered with Elite: Dangerous

Elite Secret Service is proud to be partnered with Elite: Dangerous. Purchasing your copy of Elite: Dangerous, Ship skins and Merchandise through the links below supports us through the Frontier Affiliate Programme.


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