Arma 3 District Life.

Welcome to a one-of-a-kind role play experience tailored to the dedicated arma roleplay fans.  District life currently is planned to run on {Namalsk}.  The development team is striving to provide a futuristic, dystopian feel to the server.  We are in search of opening new aspects of the standard Life mod, including integrating new fresh new features to the framework style such as an XP mod that controls player access to in game content.

User’s first impression is a quiet civilized map, where they can unlock those easy levels of XP, while they gain knowledge of the map.  Eventually deciding to explore further with the thurst to unlock more XP, and gain access to much much more…


You and your family have lived in Namalsk since before you were born. The harsh lands around you are your home and always have been. Though they’re scarred by radiation and war, you still find that they feel as though their truly yours. Your parents tell a story thats been passed down from generations, before the disease was around and from when Namalsk was a lush island. Now everything and everyone is sick. The land begets it sickness to its people and they hurt together. No one goes outside because it’s believed that those individuals who have “died” lurk deep in the forests.

It was years ago, but a lot changed when the Great Travelers came from the stars, their great alien ship hurtled through the atmosphere like a massive shooting star. With that bright, beautiful blaze they brought with them a treatment for the sickness and incredible new weapons to fight back the lurkers. They brought with them peace and hope.

They claimed large swaths of land as their own and set up cities called “Districts”. The government forces were able to claim the northern and eastern islands as their own, driving out the lurkers and cleaning up the radiation. These dangerous were walled into the southern island away from the districts. They eventually invited us into these places and erected walls around us. It wasn’t long before the safety we felt seemed like it came at a price. We weren’t a free roaming people any more. I myself find that the safety afforded by the forces and the health of the drug are well worth the price of some restriction.

Others haven’t felt the same way. They have gone to the southern island, beyond the protection of the walls. It’s rumored they have set up a base of operations and have begun to harass our protectors. The government has began hiring us local people to serve in their ranks. It’s an incredible opportunity, we get to protect our fellow citizens and in return we are taken care of by the government. Some of us feel bad about shooting former locals turned rebel, others feel it’s justified and that they selfishly left us all to be attacked.

The government these days is run by a man that resembles a fusion of two totalitarian leaders that you’ve seen in a mostly burned up textbook. The Elite Forces are more enforcers than a shield of the people anymore. Even the district forces have come to be more selfish in their nature. Still, the need for protection and SOMA drives people to the gates of the districts, but in their eyes you see the desire for more. You’ve heard rumors that the rebels truly are freedom fighters seeking the release of the civilian population from the tyranny of the government and its forces. At any rate, you’re in the same position as many of your fellow civilians, too destitute to strike out on your own and too weak to reach and join any freedom fighters. As you trudge home to your flat in the capital, you feel a strange sense of both dread and hope rise in your chest as you begin to plan your next move…….



Join ESS Gaming’s District Life server and roleplay in a post-apocalyptic sandbox. Work your way from the bottom to become the governor or join the rebels and help to drive the cause forward. Your future is in your hands as you bravely enter this strange new world.


Governor (Whitelisted)

District Moderator (Whitelisted)

District Forces (Whitelisted + Some Public)


Rebels (Public + Whitelisted)

Reporter (Receives access of Full XP character, Whitelisted)



Earn experience and gain access to new and exciting features and map areas. As you interact on the server you automatically will gain experience. It’s fun and easy and given the right attitude you can earn XP in a short amount of time.

Join us

During the development phase of the project we aren’t looking for player base, if anyone is interested and would like to comment, or contact us regarding this project you can do so on or Comment below.


The development team is focused on delivering a rich and engaging environment for users to enjoy. We plan to bring a never before seen type experience. The team has melded the best aspects of many frameworks and mods to create a unique world and will continue to post the progress of there developments to the site.


District Life project is set up to be a multi-phase project. Each subsequent phase will bring new content to the gaming experience. The first phase is estimated to be completed within the first 3 months of operations. The subsequent phases are still being planned (updated to carry more content) and are tentatively scheduled to be fully completed by December of 2017. The development team aim to continue development is always growing. If you develop ARMA 3 mods and/or framework, feel free to contact ESS Gaming at

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