Cyro Sunrise, an Elite: Dangerous Community

Located in Batari
Faction: Cyro Sunrise
Headquaters: Niven Ring
Distance from Earth 178.04 ly

A small faction, Cyro Sunrise has no need for large expanses of owned territory. Our members are mostly migratory in nature resulting in only a need for a base of operations. We operate against in game forces to provide assistance to any who are within our territory. If you are like us and have an old Earth heritage, please feel free to join us in our endeavors as you would appreciate all that we have done.

All requests for membership to our organization must be submitted via webmail.160x600

Please send…

  • your CMDR name
  • Email Address
  • Primary Ship
  • Primary Role
  • Current Amount of Credits

…to CyroSunrise@elitesecretservice.com

Please give us time as we check infrequently.

All items purchased through the below links directly supports us through the Frontier Affiliate Programme.

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