Community Competitions

ESS Gaming is designed to create a central hub for all types of game related organisations. The development team works closely with modders and developers to recognize the need to deliver the best content and ensure that it receives the necessary attention.  We remain focused on delivering quality of services to our members and continually look to improve our services, we’ve always delivered spectacular community events to our members.

Throughout the year ESS Gaming members work closely with many charities to raise funds, some of the members are also ambassadors for the involved charities.  Our members know how dedicated our community members are and understand keeping all these wonderful facilities can cost, for those reasons we offer members the ability to donate to our community.  We also provide members the ability to subscribe to memberships, and in turn do our best to recognize any and all who support the continuing success of ESS Gaming.


Our community services do not generate great wealth for shareholders, but simply reduces the overhead that is generated by creating and managing all the tools we deliver to our membership.  Many of the community members want to see our community succeed and have contributed to our community prize draw.

The Community Prize Draw is ESS Gaming’s way of thanking everyone for the support over the years.  The costs associated with providing quality prizes is very expensive. In order to keep the costs down,  any subscribed member will be automatically entered into the Community Prize Draw.  The development team aims to run two community prize drawings a year at this time.

Every member is important to our community, there isn’t a requirement for you to be a subscribed member, our Premium Support Program has been created on request of our members.  Those services provide everyone with the same level of enjoyment and delivers great opportunities for everyone.

If you wish to subscribe to our services please consider becoming a Contributor or setting up a Dedicated Subscription