God of War Release Date Points to March 22nd

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It has been a big month for God of War, with the highly anticipated PS4 game taking center stage in a number of gaming publications’ coverage. And for good reason since there is apparently only a few months left before the game releases, at least according to the latest rumors and leaks.

According to a listing from a Portuguese retailer, God of War will release for PS4 on March 22, 2018. It’s not a lot to go on, but the forum poster that noticed the date claims that this particular retailer only posts firm release dates when it is confident that they are legitimate.

Some will remember that a PSN leak for God of War also claimed the game releases on March 22nd, so it is entirely possible that this Portuguese retailer is simply piggybacking off the prior leak. If not, then these two separate postings have the same exact date, which is worth taking note of.


god of war release date portuguese


March 22nd does seem like the perfect date to release the new God of War since it would be exactly 13 years after the release of the first game in the series. There is something special about using the same date for the series’ soft reboot but thus far neither Sony nor Sony Santa Monica has confirmed anything.

That being said, the developers at Sony Santa Monica seem to be teasing that an announcement is imminent, which suggests that a release date could be only a few months away. We know for sure that the game is set to release in spring 2018 and March fits in there perfectly.

God of War is targeting a spring 2018 release for PS4.



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