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‘Comfort. Design. Vertagear’

Vertagear Gaming Chairs are ergonomically and solidly designed chairs aimed at the gamer who is looking for a premium chair for their intensive gaming sessions, the office executive that wants something different to the norm, or just someone who likes the look of a racing style bucket seat office chair for everyday use.

cover-min22Vertagear are one of the newest gaming chair brands on the market, but they have already impressed and turned heads with their SL range. Comprising of the SL-2000, SL-4000 and SL-5000 series, they each offer different features tailored to your requirements. The SL-2000 series concentrate on ergonomics, design and functionality, offering a well built, comfortable and attractive chair. The SL-4000 series expands on this with premium padding and 4D adjustable armrests alongside a striking design. The SL-5000 is the flagship model of the range, aimed at gamers with it’s racing inspired design and top level padding, shape and cover material.

Racing Series

The S Line combines comfort with a racing inspired aesthetics to give you the edge you need. Uniquely designed with the basis of ergonomics and adjustability to accommodate many eSport gamers. The Racing Series S Line comes in three models, the SL2000, SL4000, and SL5000.


Gaming Series

Triigger series is the latest addition to Vertagear gaming chair product family. Featuring Triigger 275 and Triigger 350, this video demonstrates the complexity of the chairs. Hundreds of parts are meticulously assembled together to construct this astonishingly beautiful chair. So many thoughts have been put into the design and engineering process that most fastening hardware are completely out of sight.

PC Gamer picks Vertagear for the best racing-style gaming chair The word is in: after testing numerous chairs from many companies, PC Gamer picked our SL5000 as the best racing style chair for its quality, comfort and design. See why our chair stood up to PC Gamer’s scrutiny

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